Ashton B.

Loan Officer

You are amazing - we pulled off another one that nobody gave a chance - and it wouldn't have happened without you - great job!!!  I can't speak more highly of a processor I've worked with - you go above and beyond on every file (even when the customer may not deserve your extra effort) - I just want to let you know that you are immensely appreciated!  I'm looking forward (oddly) to our next "impossible" loan and I know you will be able to get it done!!!

Sarah P.

CFO & VP of Business Dev. - Porterplus Realty

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle for over two years and know first hand that her experience and knowledge are unmatched. With her background in the Mortgage & Financial industries, it will be easy to see how much of a value she can be on any team.

Debra C.

Sr. Loan Officer - iMortgage

It’s a good day in Mortgage Paradise - yet another loan conditionally approved before the appraisal is even done. Conditions = just need the appraisal. Closing date is MAY 20th, / think we’ll be just fine. And big shout out to the greatest processor Michelle Black.


I had the pleasure of working with Michelle Black in Chicago, IL for more than 10 years in the mortgage business. I watched her flourish in her role and move forward in her career. She had great communication and business skills. She fought hard for my loans and I always appreciated that. Please let me know if you need any other reference for her.